Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Simple acts of generosity

How do we really change things?

It is simple really we can change peoples thinking by simply smiling at them, you may laugh and say how can that work? Here is a practical example I am walking down the street and I smile at someone, in that moment they wonder why I smiled at them and it took their minds away from the mundane or the bad thoughts that may of been occupying their thoughts. Then a little later someone else smiles at them and the same thing happens, they are again distracted and they think twice. The remarkable thing happens the next time someone smiles at them and this is when they start to question why everybody is smiling at them and the change of attitude changes albeit small.

I encourage you to try this, smile and hug if you can and see the difference you can make.

Remember everything is connected, so it is up to us to be generous and the world will continue to change.

So next time smile and know that you have made a big step in changing the world.