Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Authentic Change (Part Two) Our Nature - Our Belief - Our Attitude

You not better than anyone else you are only different. It is that difference that causes us to be effective and to have influence. However if we arrogantly believe that we are better and more effective or more influential than others; and for that fact we should be treated differently, we have lost the plot and we should rethink our approach.

We see this happening when we are invited to events and functions, only to find out that the CEO, guest speaker or government official ... the so called “guest of honor” has not arrived because something more important came up at the last minute. Well the authentic message is that they think you are not important and at least you are having a party at their expense. No actually you are having a party at the expense of your time.

Realize that you will never get a second chance to make the right impression, Think carefully as your attitude will always communicate who you authentically are. Your attitude creates your intention, your intention creates the other persons perception of you, because that is at that moment in time the only information they have of you. And here is a bold statement ... The other persons perception of you is NEVER wrong.