Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Top 10 Instagram Photos

Initially when I first started out in photography it was with a 35mm Film SLR and although I still like my Nikon I must say it lives a lot more at home these days.

10 Years ago I would never have believed that we could have achieved the effects that an iPhone and Instagram have afforded us as photographers.

Today I am sharing my Top 10 Instagram images with you. 

If you would like to follow me on Instagram my Instagram name is RICHSIMMONDSZA.

I do hope you enjoy my photos.

This was my first ever Instagram photo, inspired by my good friend Jodene Sher (@JodeneCoZA) just after we left a Miss Earth SA function one saturday morning.

Then Jodene and myself needed to get our coffee fix and celebrate the fact that I had published my first Instagram photo.

Instagram allows these nostalgic effects in an instant - this photo was taken at a Pretoria Boys High Rugby Day.

Lovely black & white effect of a feather on the Langebaan beach.

Said to be the most photographed boat in South Africa "JAN" on Langebaan beach.

Instagram has the ability to make anything look exciting, this mural from a Wimpy wall.

This lovely saying was originally on a white fridge, Instagram will transform it to art in seconds.

On my many trips down the @N3Route I encountered this unusual Teddy Bear 'Big Ears' at the Little Church coffee shop at Van Reenen's.

My son Rory (@RorySimmondsZA) art, he has talent!

Instagram takes the interesting and makes it more interesting!

Thanks for taking the time to allow me to share these images with you.

Have a wonderful day.