Saturday, 29 March 2014

5 Night Plan book by Richard Simmonds

Rich Simmonds 5 night plan pic

Many books written for relationships try to give you a complete toolbox, the 5 Night Plan gives you one simple and effective tool to improve the communication within the relationship.
This book will provide readers with:
* A stepping stone to transform or bring life to relationships, be they old or new.
* A focused and creative plan to guide couples into strong relationships.
* An opportunity to discover how committed partners really are. 
* Most importantly – To open the lines of communication between you and your partner.
The foreword of 5 Night Plan is by Dr. Steve Maraboli – One of the most quoted living writers, Steve is the author of several international bestsellers, including “Life, the Truth and Being Free”
About Rich Simmonds:
Rich Simmonds picVoted by Forbes as a leading Social Influencer, Rich Simmonds has become a global specialist in social communication, strategic social interventions and catalyzing meaningful and sustained social change. 

Richard has developed a set of tools for companies - such as audits, bespoke seminars and training workshops - to liberate them from their old, success-blocking communication systems, and replacing them with dynamically efficient ones. 

To cause successful social change, his ‘positively provocative’ approach challenges the conventional 'sheeple' thinking so prevalent within corporates. Directly challenging the current idea that the more information is communicated, the better - Rich asserts that in order for communication to lead to successful relationships, it needs to be simplified right down to the essentials by asking tough, barrier-breaking questions surrounding intentionality, integrity and authenticity. 

Actively involved as a Catalyst & Activist on behalf of the 'Symphonia Leadership - Partners for Possibility Programme', Rich believes that taking up active citizenship as a South African is what will drive education and empowerment forward: a sure foundation for economic and cultural success!