Friday, 23 November 2012

Call to Action #Catalyst4Change

What is a Catalyst 4 Change? How can I become a Catalyst 4 Change and what difference can I make?

Active citizens make the difference because you do things and don't wait for the bureaucracy to slow you down, in fact you move so fast they don't even realize you are out there.

Quality Education for South Africa is about partnerships, focusing on supporting the principals in the 22000 schools that are struggling in SA. A business leader partners with a principal to support the principal of the school in areas such as the management, community engagement and general upliftment of the moral at the school. More information on the Partners for Possibility can be found at the website.

We then realized that not everyone wants to or has the time to commit to the year of partnership at the schools, and realizing that there are literally millions of South Africans that want to do something we created the #Catalyst4Change project.

The vision of #Catalyst4Change is to create a database of people throughout South Africa who would like to be involved in making a difference, not by simply giving of your time and doing odd jobs but actually by giving of your time in the area of your strengths.

Here are a few examples of how we would utilise your strengths: 

You are a Chef and you would like to give of your culinary skills, we will find a opportunity to give of your strengths, you just need to tell us how much of your time you are willing to volunteer.

You are a frustrated accountant, but you love to teach children, we could involve you in giving extra lessons at a local school.

You are a frustrated corporate lawyer and it is not really your strength, you would of actually liked to be an artist, you let us know and we could get you to collaborate on a mural at the local community school.

The possibilities are endless and the needs are many, however we only want you to give of your strengths the talents that you are highly passionate about, and in this way we know that you will not only make a difference but a truly dramatic difference to your life and the lives of those you touch in the process.

You will notice that this is not a call for money but real active citizenship, because I believe that when you are doing what you are passionate about the resources will follow you.

And to my American and international readers, if you would like to be involved please drop me a line, we will found a creative way to engage your strengths because the children of South Africa are also the children of the world.

Forgive me if you think I have not given enough detail but perhaps you are the person who writes up these type of policies and your strength would be more than welcomed by me.

Interested and would like to find out more? 

Please mail me at, I look forward to hearing from you.