Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Do you have a right to be offended?

Probably the simplest thing we can do is get offended. The question is do you have a right to get offended ?

The simple answer is yes of course you have a right to be offended because no one gets hurt in the process of you getting offended, unless you decide to get even or retaliate, but in the process of getting offended you have every right.

Now we sit in the situation of knowing we right, because we have the right to be offended (we established that in the last paragraph).

But deep down we know that we are wrong, so we often realise that it is a waste of thought processes. Of course if we release it at this stage and forgive ourselves we can continue happily and experience the true victory that comes with releasing these negative thoughts.

But this is when our enemy (yes you guessed it - our very own Ego) jumps in and says No, you can't be weak you need to stand up for your rights and get even.

Stand up for your rights is another interesting concept, because in the first two paragraphs we have determined we are right anyway.

Okay I am having a play with words but can you see how easily we can take things out of proportion?

We have not dealt with why you even got offended and if the other person even knew they offended you. 

Know that in every situation you have the choice to either get offended and journey down that self destructive route called hatred, or simply choose to forgive and move along happily!