Saturday, 3 November 2012

Quality Education 4 South Africa

The School @ the Centre of Community (S@CC) project was founded in 2010 when Louise van Rhyn, became the first business leader to partner with a principal in an effort to improve a school's education outcomes.

Quality Education for South Africa’s (QE4SA) vision is Quality education for all children in South Africa by 2022 through mobilising business, government and civil society.

This project has caught my attention and I have decided to invest my time and commitment into this project.

The schools do truly need to be the centre of our communities, as the focus and our hope for the future is with the children of today - our leaders of tomorrow.
We need to improve and drastically the way we think about education and as South Africans we need to collaborate around a system that will bring us a world class answer and not simply just another catch up. It is my feeling that a new education system needs to be a leadership system preparing children for a future and not some antiquated system that measures performance based on tests.

We need to lay down our own selfish goals that no longer serve us and the communities we live in, each of us needs to realize we are incredibly unique and we each have a very special part to play in changing our beloved country.

I urge you to ask yourself the following question ... ‘What is your dream for education?’ and then engage in the process of change. And if you perhaps asking what is my dream ... I am a RuleBreaker so I would love to see the goal reached by 2017, and I believe we can do it through the power of social media.

Quality Education for SA will be holding info sessions in November and I urge attend to see how you can become involved in the biggest change we will ever see in South Africa. Please visit their website and follow us on Twitter @QE4SA.