Friday, 1 February 2013

Social Business - Do you still have enough time to think about getting involved?

Social business is still a concept of strategy that some business' wonder if they should implement and others are thinking has the this fad passed us by and what next piece of technology will come to replace  this buzzword.

Well the only thing that you can be sure of in the above sentence is, that some management guru somewhere will find a new buzzword.

Social business is not about technology and the platforms we engage on, those are literally just the tools we use like the typewriters of the old days have been replaced by PC's with word processing software, so will the social media platform you use be replaced by some new and more innovative platform that will access more data and allow you to know the friends of friends and what they enjoy doing.

What will never change is that we are humans desiring interaction and recognition from our peers, our community and even the business' we deal with and spend our hard earned money.

This is exactly where business' have the opportunity to become social and acknowledge the person who is looking for recognition, build a relationship and turn that relationship into a valued client who will gladly spend his money with your business or service.

So instead of wondering which platform to play on, rather decide on how you would like to build relationships with prospective clients, how will you engage with them more effectively, how will you find out what they like and give them what they need as opposed to giving them what you think they need.

To enable this business needs to simplify the way they engage and simplify the rules of engagement so that more people within the organisation are involved. 

Using the different people within your organisation and trusting them that they can effectively communicate with prospective customers, you have not only trusted and empowered the staff, but you have allowed the champions within the organisation to emerge and do what they love best; and that is talk and be social.

When we think Social Business we should be thinking social and not business, because when we think business it is about money and not the people that make up our staff and the clients that bring us the money.

Today is the day to consider the new commitment to Social Business, if you don't there is a good chance that your competitor is doing it already.