Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Twitter is the key to Social Business

Social business is about individuals and businesses engaging effectively in building relationships with customers.

You have a Facebook Page, a website and you may even have a personal or company Blog, statistically it could take three years to reach a critical mass and most people think this is okay, well unfortunately in the old days it took seven years to establish a business. If that was still the case getting a critical mass in three years would of been fine, but things have changed most startup businesses don't make it past the first six months unless you have ridiculous amounts of capital, if you have that sort of money you probably should not be in a startup business!

Okay so after the paragraph of doom and gloom, what is the actual solution?

Twitter is the answer, it may not always be the answer but currently with 40% growth in 2012 and due to the way it works, it is currently the answer.

Personally I started on Twitter at the beginning of May 2011 and in my first year I had grown my following to 30000 and as it stands now I have just over 116 000 followers, if my prediction is correct by the time I reach two years I should have in excess of 150 000 followers.

I will tell you it is not about the amount of followers you have but the knock on effect of having more than just a handful of followers can become very significant in finding the right people who are looking for you and your products / services.

In short Twitter amplifies to the world your activities on your website, your Facebook page and your blog - and there is always someone and more than just some who are interested in you.

I am running a workshop on the 18th February and I invite you to attend and find out how you can leverage Twitter to work with the other Social media platforms that are available.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions on how you can leverage Twitter to work with the other Social media platforms that are available.

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