Friday, 1 March 2013

Hunter or the Hunted?

When we first ponder the title, one is inclined to say I would rather be the hunter than the hunted, well if we were in the jungle that may be true - but the rules have changed ... more than we can possibly imagine.

We live in a big world with big ideas, the bigger you become the more you are hunted, and for all the right reasons ...

Conditioning tells us that we need to survive and survival is about camouflaging yourself, because if you don't stick your head out you won't get targeted. The reality is that you have believed the propaganda of your competitors; the conformists would like you to think like them so that you all remain mediocre and that you all never get noticed and ultimately no one is interested in targeting you.

Wow what rubbish we have been led to believe, instead we should be wearing bright bold colors and ensuring that we are targeted in every possible way, you were never meant to hide your light under the bushal, you were made to live and live loud.

Today my challenge to you is that you start to think 'how can I be noticed', think about the contributions you can make to your children's school, the company you work for, the local charity or the country you live in.

I get it you a cynic and wonder WHY, and my simple answer is why not?

Okay lets have a look at the WHY and I have eluded to it in the above paragraphs, but lets unpack it a bit more.

The Hunters are the recruiters or head hunters and you are quite simply the Hunted, so why would you not wan't to project your very best to the hunters, they are looking for the brightest and the best trophy they can possibly find, so give them the best of you - the best of every possible color within you so that your brand gets the best exposure.

Your brand is not your vacation, it is everything you are - your strengths, your talents, your gifts, your networks and influences, every single colorful aspect of who you are.

You amplify this by building your personal brand in the following ways - write a blog, tweet regularly, comment and be involved in online forums, network face to face, speak at every opportunity you get and see to it that you never go unnoticed again.

Yes of course it will take some of your time and resources, but I can promise you it will give you a return on investment - like no other investment you have ever made - what have you got to lose?