Sunday, 3 March 2013

Richard Simmonds - Social Business Solutions

I am often asked 'What exactly do you do, and what could you do for me and my organization?'
My main objective or elevator pitch line is: I build capacity within organizations, which enable them to effectively implement sustainable social media / business solutions and strategies.

This is divided into three main areas of engagement:
  1. Introduction to social media, allowing everyone in the organization to understand why we have social media, how it integrates into our daily lives and how we can collaborate more effectively to improve productivity; by effectively engaging in the social platforms which are most relevant to our organization.
  2. Governance policy and strategic implementation of a facilitated social business plan for all departments thus eliminating silos and addressing the issues around effective talent acquisition to the organization.
  3. Training to build capacity and empowering the people within the organization so that they can determine and implement their own paths, thus alleviating the need for external resources and in-turn saving costs.
Looking at these areas I have seen a need to drill down and help the HR Professionals - mainly dealing with recruitment and how they can save there companies a fortune by doing the recruitment process in-house using various social media platforms.

When we consider all the above, we realize the imminent need for personal branding as it strengthens and amplifies the communication and marketing. A great brand has fantastic brands working for it!

In summary ... 

Do you have a governance policy around social media / business?

Are we looking at how we can enhance the relationships business' have with individuals?

Are we attracting the best talent possible?

Is your personal brand a true influence with value?

I look forward to having a conversation with you over a cup of coffee.

Please contact me by phone on +27 (82) 413 1604 or e-mail me at