Saturday, 16 March 2013

Social Media - Virtual or Real?

Many people have difficulty understanding Social Media and mainly due to thinking that the way we communicate on the social media platforms is like email. But it is very different ... 

You see the real difference is that we react to emails and we talk to people, yes nothing can replace real face to face communication and social media allows us to have a conversation. Emails are one to one communication where we give reactive answers.

Social media is in fact life playing out before us, and the more real we treat it the more effective our conversations will become.

But never fear it will never replace the need for human interaction, the neuro scientists have discovered the 'mirror neuron'. This is what gives us the desire for human interaction. We always have the need to meet and 'mirror' if our thoughts about someone are in fact real.

So go on have fun communicating knowing that it is real life playing out in front of you, those that are introverts in life are introverts on social platforms and those extroverts, well I need not say anymore!