Sunday, 7 April 2013

Personal Branding, Is not ...

1. A task you can allocate to someone else to do for you.
2. A game you might need to consider playing at some time.
3. A fad which some guru has decided is the next thing that you need to focus your energy on.
4. Another way of building your influence, it is the only way.

Personal branding is with us and it is here to stay, no longer can you hide behind the brand that you work for, it is your task and your commitment to the successful life that you have always dreamed of and it is the life that you want.

Personal branding in particular is about raising your influence and becoming a key person within your industry, thus becoming a 'Brand within the Brand'. These brands are influential; their names come up in conversation, they attract the right type of opportunities, they earn more and it isn't a struggle - these brands also have more fun. They get invited on trips away, people buy them dinner, they are treated with respect and others listen when they speak. 

Today is the day you start increasing your influence and giving your personal brand the traction it deserves.

Image courtesy of Suwit Ritjaroon at