Sunday, 7 April 2013

Questions - Authentic Communication

We can tell people we are listening, and we can even look as if we are listening to someone when we are not, we could have a million thoughts running through our minds or we could be thinking of what we would like to say next.

So how does someone know or how do we know when someone is authentically listening to us?
When we listen properly we ask questions of the person who is talking to us ... We ask for more details, we ask what the weather was like, who they encountered or how they felt.

Only when we question others, do they know that we are authentically listening. Ask people to share how they felt, what they saw, what was new if they regularly go to a place and ask them to share more than they are initially telling you.

We never say everything unless we are asked for more. In fact we almost expect the person not to be interested, that we even start by saying less than we intended to. 

Start asking more questions when people talk to you and you will find that not only will people start listening more to you, they will actually ask more from you.

Have a wonderful day, the day is so much more fulfilling when we are authentic.

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