Monday, 22 April 2013

Social Media - I don't want everyone to know my business!

Why what are you hiding?

Why would you tell people things you did not wan't them to know?

How do they find out about you if you don't tell them?

If your friends are telling others about you is that because they are jealous of you? 
Then why do you have friends like these?

Surely you would like to tell people the truth before others tell untruths about you?

Life is about information and normally on a need to know basis. Remember that if you don't tell them, they may need to know.

Get your thoughts right and create the intention for yourself that will leave others with the right perception - the image and message you want them to know about you.

Remember the more information that you give the better the perception will be. As they will have less thinking of their own to do and their perception will be more accurate due to you giving them more information.

Oh and no one talks about you unless you have made an impression or upset them in the first place - so the action you take is yours to chose.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at