Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sixteen Ways To Encourage Your Child To Use Drugs

1. Never eat together as a family. 
2. Never have family traditions that children can look forward to. 
3. Never listen to your children; talk at them but never with them. 
4. Never let your child experience cold, fatigue, adventure, injury, risk, challenge, failure, frustration, etc. 
5. Teach them to do as I say and not as I do. 
6. Leave the responsibility of moral, spiritual training to the schools and church and don't teach them at home.
7. Never spend time with your child; give them gifts, toys, and money as a substitute. 
8. Expect your child to achieve and win, but do not teach him or her the principles of fairness and responsibility. Let them learn this on their own. 
9. Take a pick-up pill or drink in the morning, and a relaxing pill or drink in the evening.
10. Never treat your child with respect; instead try whenever possible to humiliate him in public so that he will learn his lesson. 
11. Always pick up after your child; never let him or her assume any personal responsibility. 
12. Berate your spouse in front of the children; be sure your children know your husband's or wife's faults. 
13. Keep your home tense and chaotic. 
14. Always solve your child's problems. Never allow your child the freedom to make any decisions. 
15. Be too busy with work or social activities to spend time with your children. If you do happen to have the time be sure to spend it watching television. 
16. Don't teach them anything while they are young; wait until they are old enough to learn and decide right from wrong for themselves.

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